Video Cleaner Full Version Free Download For Windows

Video Cleaner Full Version Free Download For Windows

VideoCleaner Pro is an amazing forensic video enhancement and tamper detection software which is created for law enforcement department for the sake of special intelligence work and other government departments. But, now Video Cleaner Pro is available for everyone that’s why we are giving it to you to sault out your works and do whatever you want with it. With the help of VideoCleaner, you can process digital images and nearly any compressed video, including some proprietary formats, and VideoCleaner includes a screen capture tool for everything else. Advanced compression algorithms support the best evidence at minimal file sizes.

VideoCleaner Pro Keygen can adjust a few real-time sliders to brighten poorly lit scenes, improve facial clarity, recover license plates, change viewing perspective, reverse lens distortion, stabilize camera motion, and so much more. It can also clear the image in the video. some time your bike is stolen and it is captured in the security camera but it is far away and the face of the thief is not clear Use this amazing software to clear the face of that thief and get your bike back to recognize the thief. It has many other functions like faint movements, distant color changes, and small details become obvious.

VideoCleaner is used on any Windows computer to process digital images and videos, including some proprietary formats, and we include a screen capture tool for everything else. You can annotate on-screen with text and highlight, correct playback speed, provide sweeping or adjacent before-after views, and extract stills. Workflow and file metadata are automatically documented, and new capabilities are constantly added.

Video Cleaner Full Version Free Download For Windows


General controls
It has got the very simple and easy controls some keys are helpful like press the F5 key on your computer to load the preview screen, or anytime you need to reload the video. If you experience an error, simply choose the undo option under the edit menu. There are many other shortcuts which can make this software is easy for you.

Toggle boxes
The top section of VideoCleaner includes toggle boxes that are controlled with your computer mouse. When the box is checked, the denoted section becomes active and visible.

Status Bar
The bottom bar of the graphical interface of the VideoCleaner script lists useful facts about the open video. The lower left corner shows the current frame number and total frame count.

Playback bar
The playback bar is located immediately above the status bar with the standard playback controls. You can also use your computer keyboard to move through the video. The right arrow moves forward a single frame and the left moves back one frame. You can hold the arrow key down to advance rapidly in either direction.

Feature sliders
Each feature is controlled by a slider that can move anywhere from its leftmost to rightmost position. You can also use your mouse to drag the slider to a new position, or simply mouse click on the left or right arrow located at either end of the slider.

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